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Manual Lathes

Swift center lathes

Swift center lathes. 11000mm between centres. 450mm swing over saddle

High Speed Deep Hole Borer

VDF Gildemeister

250mm max OD, 25mm to 220mm boring size up to 10metre length, 

A high speed deep hole borer is a machine tool used for drilling deep, narrow holes with high accuracy. These machines are typically used in the production of hydraulic cylinders and other components that require precise, deep holes.

Straightening Press

Finley 100 ton

6100mm length 127mm max diameter 


Sunn en Horizontal Honing Hydraulic Machine

with a capacity of work piece of 400mm in diameter & 8000mm in length. Bore size up to 220mm diameter.



635mm X 4000mm between centres, heavy duty plain cylindrical grinder. Wheel size 600mm x 50mm

Manual Lathe


Mitchel Centre Lathe 450 Swing over saddle 2500mm between centres